Peace Corp Wellness Weekend at CCF

  • by  April 25, 2018
Peace Corp Wellness Weekend at CCF

Peace Corps Namibia’s Wellness Weekend was hosted by Cheetah Conservation Fund on March 30th. The thirty volunteers have spent almost two years in Namibia working in different job sectors: education, youth development, environment and entrepreneurship skills training.

The volunteers came together to review their experiences in Namibia. They reflected on their work and the positive impact they’ve had within their field of study. The volunteers also shared the difficulties and how they have coped with the sometimes slow progress, and the teachable moments that helped them grow in their experience.

The Wellness Weekend was an important way for volunteers to decompress and take care of themselves. They invest a lot of time and effort into volunteering and sometimes they do forget about their own wellbeing. So along with completing coursework on CCF’s Teachers Resource Guide they also took time for nature walks, group meditation, yoga, movies and games.

I hope that young people in Namibia will be inspired by these volunteers. I hope they have learned from them and gained an appreciation of how volunteerism works to help develop our nation. Through volunteerism, young people in Namibian can gain the most critical aspect which a possible employer wants from a possible employee, JOB EXPERIENCE. Without that important component, many of the young people are missing out on job opportunities. Though they hold a degree or certificate in their field, on-the-job experience can sometimes be more important than theoretical understanding of a subject. Volunteer efforts are vitally important in helping to develop Namibia. To continue developing and improving we must be at the forefront of fostering a culture of volunteerism in our young people. So…


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