Omaheke Region Attends CCF’s Naturalist Training Camp

  • by Stephanie Bradley February 23, 2015
Omaheke Region Attends CCF’s Naturalist Training Camp

CCF hosted 10 Herero adults from the Omaheke region for our Naturalist Training Camp, Feb. 16th-20th. The adults ranged in age from 19 to 49 and were interested in diversifying their livelihood. In addition to learning about eco-­‐tourism and naturalist guiding, participants learned about game guarding, poaching, integrated livestock and wildlife management techniques, as well as, how to make bread & ricotta goat cheese.

Participants came for the training free of charge but helped with service projects around CCF. Service projects included cleaning up our savanna nature trail, Lightfoot student campgrounds, and our research housing at Cheetah View. It was a long and productive week and the leader of the youth league with which we organized the visit would like to work on arranging for Omaheke school outreach visits from CCF later this year.

This week the education department will be busy contacting schools both for our outreach & teacher training in Otjiwarongo on Friday Feb. 27th and our upcoming Windhoek outreaches, March 9th-­‐13th. Two of our educators Ignatius and Stephanie will be doing outreach in Windhoek, Ignatius will be focusing on the Katatura area and using a taxi to get from school to school. Stephanie will be in the main town center of Windhoek or anywhere that is further away.

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