Education is the Key

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker July 23, 2005
Education is the Key

Environmental education is so important and our efforts to bring conservation to students continues.

In April we hosted an Environmental Education course for young Namibian professionals in collaboration with our partners: Smithsonian Institution, Wilderness Safaris Namibia, Environmental Education and Conservation Global and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Twenty-one environmental education practitioners attended the 12 day course with the goal of the workshop focused on how applied environmental education could specific natural resource problems could be an effective and practical tool for solving these problems. Upon completion of the workshop, participants left CCF with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to build effective, solution-oriented, natural resource education programmes for their specific audiences.

Education remains a key to the work that we are doing to help save the wild cheetah. And, our CCF education staff takes this message to heart as they continue to visit schools throughout the country. Already this year, over 3,000 students have been reached in our assembly school programs, with an additional 200+ students over-nighting at our environmental tented camp.

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