CNN Visits CCF to Launch the 2020 School Outreach Tour

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker February 6, 2020
CNN Visits CCF to Launch the 2020 School Outreach Tour

CCF launched its 2020 School Outreach Tour on January 27th. CCF brought a CNN television news crew along to record the Education Team’s first outreach event of the year at Vooruit Primary School in Otjiwarongo. The team gave a cheetah presentation and introduced the students to one of CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dogs, a nine-year-old female named Kiri. I read to the students from several books, including .

We all look forward to this time each year, when our education team sets off on a tour of Namibia’s schools. We try to meet as many students as possible and share our environmental education programs. Cheetahs are a driver of Namibia’s tourism, and people from all over the world travel to see them here in their natural environment. We teach students about the value of having wildlife on our landscape, and how we can coexist.

Students learn about: predators found in Namibia’s ecosystems, the role of predators in ecosystems – food chains, why cheetahs are special & why they are Africa’s most endangered big cat.

CCF teaches about living in harmony with cheetahs through good livestock, rangeland and wildlife management, while instilling a sense of national pride in wildlife and the country’s beautiful landscapes. Sometimes the teachers take one of our ambassador Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGD) to meet the teachers and students. On this trip we took Kiri, our 9 year old breeding and retired working dog. She was a big hit with the kids.

During the first two terms of this year, CCF’s Education Team will visit schools in Otjiwarongo, Outjo, Kalkfeld, Omaruru, Otavi, Kombat, Tsumeb, Grootfontein, Okahandja, Gobabis and Windhoek.

The CNN program featuring CCF’s visit to Vooruit Primary School will air in March 2020.

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