CCF Works With American Institute for Goat Research at Langston University

  • by Tyapa Toivo March 25, 2019
CCF Works With American Institute for Goat Research at Langston University

For the past several months I have been honored to work with the E (Kika) de la Garza American Institute for Goat Research at Langston University and Dr. Terry Gipson. We are working to develop and transfer enhanced goat production system technologies, with impacts at state, regional, national and international levels.

Last August, CCF invited Dr Gipson, a goat professor from Langston University, to train CCF staff members in the artificial insemination (AI) of goats at CCF. A month later, I visited Langston University for further training. The photo in the banner shows my certificate of participation in AI trials at Langston University. With me are, Dr. Erick Loetz (third from left) and Dr Terry Gipson (second from right)

In February this year, Dr Gipson came back to CCF for follow-up training and I returned to the U.S. to attend Langston University for further training in March.

The purpose of CCF and Langston University’s exchange was mainly, to train me and fellow staff members, including Riita Haihambo how to inseminate goats. The technique will help CCF improve the genetic quality of the dairy herd by inseminating goats with imported goat semen from the United Kingdom. CCF intends to share this new genetic material with local farmers.

Dr. Gipson demonstrating goat health issues to students and farmers.
Riita Haihambo (assistant to small stock manager) – and Dr. Gipson working on freezing semen.

During Dr. Gipson’s stay in Namibia, CCF hosted two seminars with agriculture students from University of Namibia Neudamm Campus and local farmers. The seminars, led by Dr. Gipson focused on dairy goat production and general small stock husbandry. Each seminar had an attendance of about 50 students and 6 goat producers.

The training has been made possible by grants from the Kirkpatrick Foundation and the Ad Astra Foundation.

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