Sahelo-Saharan interest group wildlife surveys. Central Ahaggar Mountains

  • March 1, 2005
  • by T. Wacher, K. De Smet, F. Belbachir, A. Belbachir-Bazi, A. Fellous, M. Belghoul, Marker L. L.


This report summarises results of a gazelle and cheetah survey of the Ahaggar National Park, conducted 7th-23rd March 2005. The survey team comprised staff of the Office du Parc National de l’Ahaggar (OPNA), the Agence Nationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (ANN), and the Université de Béjaïa in Algeria, with Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group (SSIG) members from Nature Division, Ministry of the Flemish Community (Belgium), Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF, Namibia) and Zoological Society of London (ZSL, UK).

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