Statement Regarding House Appropriations Chairman-Elect Hal Rogers

  • by CCF Staff March 18, 2011


Since Congressman Hal Rogers was named Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee this week, news outlets have reported that Congressman Rogers has used federal funds to benefit CCF because his daughter works for the organization. They specifically mention a $5 million “earmark” that would directly benefit cheetahs. In fact, the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act (not an earmark) would protect twelve species of wild cats and dogs globally. It was first introduced in the House of Representatives in 2004, years before Ms. Rogers came to work for CCF. When her father co-signed the bill, he was one of 88 Republican and Democrat co-sponsors. In 2009, the bill passed the House with a 2-1 majority but has not been voted on by the Senate. This bill has NOT been enacted and therefore not appropriated. No federal funds have been allocated to CCF while Ms. Rogers has worked with us.

In the time that Allison Rogers has worked for CCF, we have never asked Rep. Hal Rogers for money or political favors. Ms. Rogers is highly sensitive to the ethical issues surrounding her and her father’s positions and would never jeopardize her professional reputation by involving her father in her work.

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