Cheetah Conservation Fund announces partnership with Extreme E racing team Veloce in bid to save world’s fastest land mammal from extinction

  • by CCF Staff October 25, 2021

LONDON (24 October 2021) –Veloce Racing is disrupting the racing industry, striving to drive change in technology, sport and sustainability, whilst inspiring and educating current and future by partnering with Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to help save wild cheetahs.

Veloce Racing’s collaboration with Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is central to the racing team’s mandate to raise awareness and funds to combat the shrinking habitats and populations of the most vulnerable species, including the world’s fastest land mammal. With fewer than 7,500 cheetahs remaining in the wild,

Veloce Racing aims to ignite positive change for society and our planet with a commitment to support people and biodiversity in the areas of the world where it has a presence.

Veloce Racing is a British motor racing team founded by Jean-Éric Vergne, Adrian Newey and Rupert Svendsen-Cook that competes in the all-electric off-road racing championship Extreme E and the all-female single-seater racing series W Series. CCF is the longest running project devoted to survival of the species with its main Centre based in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, the Cheetah Capital of the World.

Cheetahs inhabit just 9 percent of their former range. They are Africa’s most endangered big cat; it’s future is threatened by the illegal wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss. Without action, fragile cheetah populations will disappear altogether, possibly within our lifetimes.

“By partnering with CCF, we hope to raise global awareness of the plight of the cheetah as this iconic species embarks on the biggest race of its life – the race for survival. I am passionate about the cheetah and am so excited to see this important collaboration come to life. To bring together my love of cheetahs and love of racing is a really proud moment. Together we can and will #DriveChange and #SaveTheCheetah”, said Jean-Éric Vergne, CCF’s new global Ambassador and co-Founder of Veloce.

Dan Bailey, CEO Velcoe Racing and Jean-Éric Vergne, Formula-E driver, CCF’s new global Ambassador and co-Founder of Veloce with the newly stickered Extreme E vehicle for Veloce Racing (Pic: @veloceracingteam)

Better known by his initials JEV, Jean-Éric Vergne will put the weight of his brand behind the cheetah by posting messages on his social media channels and interacting with followers to inspire them to support CCF’s mission to save the species. JEV will also engage fans about cheetahs at race events, and he will make personal appearances at CCF events when his schedule allows.

Founded in Namibia by Dr. Laurie Marker in 1990, CCF is the global leader in cheetah research and conservation. Together with partners such as Veloce, CCF aims to secure a future for cheetahs, people and livestock sharing the same landscapes in Africa.

“CCF is incredibly proud to be partnering with Veloce Racing. We could not think of a more fitting partnership to raise awareness and funds to help save the cheetah from extinction. Through our association, we hope to make huge strides towards achieving our vision of a world in which people, cheetahs and all wildlife can thrive alongside each other”, said Dr Laurie Marker, CCF’s Founder and Executive Director.

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About Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)

Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is the global leader in research and conservation of cheetahs and dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild. Founded in 1990, CCF is an international non-profit organisation headquartered in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, the “Cheetah Capital of the World”, with a field base in Hargeisa, Somaliland. CCF takes a holistic approach to conservation, recognising that to help the species, we first must help the people who live alongside wildlife. CCF’s strategies are built on three pillars: research, education and conservation. CCF marked its 30th anniversary in 2020, making it the longest running and most successful conservation organisation for cheetahs. For more information, please visit: and

About Extreme-E

Extreme E is the first sport built out of concern for the climate crisis. The series’ goal is to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues, and to encourage us all to take positive action to protect our planet’s future. With 30 percent of the planet’s CO2 emissions coming from transport, Extreme E exists to showcase the performance of electric vehicles, using the powerful mix of thrilling sports action, scientific education and storytelling to accelerate their adoption in order to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. As well as its overall mission, Extreme E is committed to having a net-zero carbon footprint by the end of its first season, which means offsetting what it cannot avoid via ALLCOT certificated global programmes.

About Veloce Racing

Veloce Racing is a British motor racing team founded by Jean-Éric Vergne, Adrian Newey and Rupert Svendsen-Cook that competes in the all-electric off-road racing championship Extreme E and the all-female single-seater racing series W Series. Veloce joined Extreme E for its inaugural season in 2021. The team, racing with technical support from ART Grand Prix, won their first podium in the series at the 2021 Ocean X-Prix. For more information about Veloce racing, please see:

About Jean Eric Vergne

Jean-Eric Vergne “JEV” has always steered his career in the fast lane; he is the first FIA Formula E Double World Champion having won the Season 4 (2017/18) and Season 5 (2018/19) FIA Formula E Championship back to back. He was also instrumental in steering his team, DS Techeetah, to winning the FIA Formula E Team Championship for their first time in Season 5 and then again in Season 6. Since joining Formula E in 2015, JEV has achieved an impressive ten wins, twenty five podiums and eleven pole positions. JEV is passionate about the cheetah and has even named his own domestic cat named “Cheetah”.

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