App Developers Create Augmented Reality Cheetah Experience to Help Save The Cheetah in the Wild

  • by CCF Staff December 4, 2017


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Help #SaveTheCheetah by Using Augmented Reality
Interact with a virtual cheetah up close and help the Cheetah Conservation Fund to save this endangered species

Alexandria, VA. (December 4, 2017) — With fewer than 8,000 living cheetahs in the wild, it is critical to raise awareness of the declining numbers of this amazing species. Beginning December 4, 2017, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) offers you a chance to interact with the majestic cheetah for a thrilling and safe visit in honor of International Cheetah Day.

Using iPhone 6s running iOS 11.1 and newer, and iPads made in 2017, you can conjure and interact with a realistic, responsive cheetah in real time without endangering yourself or the animal. This cutting-edge augmented reality experience uses the magic of Apple’s ARKit to create the illusion that you’re sharing a physical space with this endangered creature, and the formidable cat will interact with you based on real cheetah behavior.

If you observe from afar, the artificial intelligence in your virtual cheetah will behave as if no one is watching. Although it’s unwise to approach a live cheetah in the wild, your courage may insist that you creep closer for a better look. Consider yourself warned: if you get too close, this apex predator may become uncomfortable and aggressively defend itself. For an even greater thrill, turn out the lights and see cunning, shining eyes sizing you up from the darkness. If you leave the creature alone and back off as nature intended, the cheetah will relax and exhibit its natural behaviors.

“Neo-Pangea and Element X worked together to simulate a living, breathing cheetah so people can experience these amazing cats without disturbing them in their natural habitat,” said Brett Bagenstose, creative director and Baron of Pixels at NeoPangea. “Using augmented reality, we can protect the cheetah from unpredictable human interaction and cut down on the demand for stressful nature tourism and the illegal pet trade.”

To share your support for these endangered cats, snap photos or videos of the cheetah’s adventures in whatever setting you choose and share them with the world via social media using #SaveTheCheetah. You can also learn fun facts about the cheetah, explore the challenges it faces today, and donate to the CCF from within the app.

Download this free app now and be ready to celebrate International Cheetah Day on December 4 with a lifelike guest of honor! For more information about the Cheetah Conservation Fund, visit

Download now:

Susan Yannetti, CCF External Relations Manager; or 202.716.7756

Brett Bagenstose, Neo-Pangea; Founder and Creative Director; or 215.479.1902

About CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund): Founded in 1990, CCF is an international research, education, and conservation institution dedicated to ensuring the long-term survival of the cheetah. From its field research base in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, CCF gathers and shares critical information on the species and uses it to formulate strategies to combat the species’ main threats: human-carnivore conflict, habitat loss, and the illegal wildlife trade. For more information, visit Follow us on social @ccfcheetah.

About Neo-Pangea: Neo-Pangea is a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences. Working with Fortune 100 brands, exclusive destinations, international non-profits, leading industry trendsetters, and local start-ups, Neo-Pangea helps all manner of clients turn their creative visions into reality. The studio continues to transcend expectations in the design and execution of innovative digital and traditional marketing by fusing creativity, technology, and strategy to forge immersive experiences. From apps and websites to promotional spots and print materials, Neo-Pangea continually strives to craft unique advertising solutions imbued with charm, substance, and grace. Learn more at

About Element X: Element X exists to create original, compelling motion content for agencies and brand. We are obsessed with design, storytelling, and engagement. From beautiful motion design to captivating worlds with animated characters, we are dedicated to superior creative through superior talent.


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