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On-Site Filming Information

CCF welcomes media on assignment, television film crews, commercial filmmakers and photographers as part of our ongoing mission to save the wild cheetah. We fulfill dozens of requests each year from organizations and individuals around the world. As CCF is set on a private, integrated livestock-wildlife reserve of more than 100,000 acres and are staffed primarily by research scientists, we appreciate at least three weeks notice in advance of your visit.

Media Admissions Policy

The CCF Field Research and Education Centre is a premier destination with numerous locations that are well suited for use by commercial photographers and filmmakers for print, television, online media or commercial production, as long as the production reflects the basis of CCF’s mission.

(The Media Liability Waiver needs to be printed, signed, and either brought to CCF or emailed to the contacts at the bottom of this page)

All media, film crews and photographers are responsible for acquiring any credentials required by law, by their own government and the Namibian government, including passports.

The Namibia Film Commission requires all crews filming in country to get the requisite film permits and work visas for crew members. While the NFC suggests 3 weeks for processing, we strongly advise submitting paperwork as far in advance as possible — at least 5 to 6 weeks ahead of your visit. Namibian Embassy Website

An excellent resource for filmmakers working in Namibia is, with information on local crew members for hire and equipment vendors.

Commercial Fees

Video/Motion Picture/Television Film Crew Fee:
USD $1,500.00 full day (8 hours)
USD $750.00 per half day (4 hours)

Still Photography Fee:
USD $500 full day (8 hours)
USD $260 per half day (4 hours)

A 50% deposit is required to book; the remaining fees must be paid upon arrival. Credit card or direct bank transfer are the accepted methods of payment, all others will not be acceptable unless arranged in advance with CCF management. General liability insurance is required of all journalists and commercial media entities entering the property.

Filming Options

CCF is situated on a 46,000-hectare wildlife sanctuary. Besides a research centre, genetics lab, veterinary clinic and education centre, we have a working farm with livestock including cattle, goats and sheep. In addition to specific opportunities that can be pre-arranged, we have standard daily activities* that are a part of our overall story and are listed below. You may select these options on our.

  • Cheetah Run – Arrival time: 7:15 – 7:30 a.m. Approx 30 minute duration.
    Allow ample time for set up. A member of staff will also go through the safety protocols for the shoot. The cheetahs will start their run around 8 – 8:15. We cannot start the run later as it gets too warm for them. We can run several mornings – Dry weather only.
  • Behind the Scenes Cheetah Feeding – 9:00 a.m. Approx 2.5 hour duration.
    Cheetah feeding from the back of the truck along uneven ground so appropriate equipment is required. Safety protocols will be discussed prior to leaving. This will take all of the morning. We have numerous cheetahs in several camps of varying sizes.
  • Cheetah Safari Drive – Throughout the day. Approx 1 hour duration.
    Take a drive into an enclosure at our main centre to see our some of our cheetahs and have an opportunity to take some great photos.
  • Model Farm & Livestock Guarding Dogs – Daily.
    Goats and dogs going out to graze for the day occurs early in the morning (around 8) and filming time can be coordinated with the goat herder to shoot in the bush with him. The herd coming back to the goat yard can be filmed in the afternoon. Milking of the goats takes place in the mornings and afternoons (6 am and 6 pm), the dogs are also fed both in the morning and afternoon/evening.
  • Meeting a farmer – ½ or full day
    This activity NEEDS TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. There are no options to book this activity upon arrival to CCF so if this seems like something you may want please inquire in advance. Filming with one of our local farmers. Timing depends on distance to farmer and what you want to film. Namibia is a vast country. We can arrange filming with a Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD) present. Also note if you have a preference for a communal or commercial farmer. Farmer visits are subject to change and cancellation due to last minute farm emergencies.
  • Cheetah Tracking – +/- 3 hours
    As part of CCF’s cheetah re-wilding research, it might be possible to film this activity. It is best to go out when the cats are known to be closer. This activity is subject change, depending on where the cheetahs are and the location of CCF’s current trackable cheetahs. Important: the tracking includes walking on foot, so the crew needs to carry their equipment. It cannot be assured that cheetahs will be found.
  • Scat Dogs – Approximately 1 hour
    These special dogs are used to find scat at cheetah playtrees which cheetahs frequent. CCF studies the scat for genetic history as well as to analyse the cheetah’s diet.
  • Genetics Laboratory – 1 hour
    Filming of lab equipment and analysis work.
  • Cheetah feeding at CCF Centre – Daily, 2 p.m. Mon-Fri & 12 p.m. on weekends. Approx 30 minute duration.
    The cheetahs are fed while members of the CCF team provide an explanation of their diet and the history of these orphaned cheetah. Can only be filmed from outside the cheetah enclosures.
  • Clinic work – Not guaranteed availability
    We don’t get wild cheetahs that often but if we do when you are here, then we will work that cheetah up with you – taking blood, measurements full medical checkup. Otherwise we can plan something if we know when you are coming. We have some routine work we do on our orphan cheetahs. If cheetahs are not available or if you prefer we can arrange to have clinic work with goats and dogs.
  • Education Centre & Museum Facility – Anytime
  • Little Serengeti Safari Drive – Approx 2 hour duration.
    1500-hectare open field teeming with wildlife (depending on time of year and weather you might see herds of oryx, hartebeest, springbok, warthogs).
  • Aerial Footage – This activity NEEDS TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE and is only possible if a bush pilot can be secured. Additional charges apply.

*The majority of outdoor activities can only take place during dry weather and CCF cannot guarantee the success and duration of activities which are dependent on the cheetah or other animals.


CCF is not a lodge and lodge style facilities, such as swimming pools, TVs and drinks bars, are not available onsite. CCF does have a café which is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for refreshments and meals. A broad range of accommodation options are available to suit your needs and are detailed below. Our accommodations are not climate controlled. There are electric fans, and CCF can provide portable heating in colder months.


CCF has four rondavels which provide simple but comfortable accommodation based on a traditional African style with en-suite bathroom facilities. These one room houses are situated in the staff housing area and they are within the main CCF centre. Dinner is taken with staff at the canteen (Hot Spot) while breakfast is at the Cheetah Café and lunch could be either Hot Spot or Cheetah Café.

What is provided – Each rondavel comes with 2 single beds, bedding, ensuite bathroom – towels and soaps are provided, wardrobe and lockable storage, mosquito nets. Rondavels have 2 power outlets** which can be used to charge electrical equipment. WIFI is available until 11 p.m.
What you need to bring – A torch, toiletries and other personal items.

Meals will be taken at CCF’s Hot Spot and Cheetah Café. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the overall cost of lodging. Alcoholic drinks are not available from the Hot Spot but you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine.

Rondavels are $150 per person per night and includes three meals per day.

**The electrical outlets at CCF Namibia are compatible with type D plugs.

Cheetah View Lodge

With uninterrupted views of the Waterberg Plateau, the five room Cheetah View Lodge is the ideal setting for travellers who want to witness a world class conservation facility at work.

Our Meal House offers a full service restaurant with an open-air veranda for lounging and wildlife viewing at the purpose-built waterhole. The large family room situated below the Meal House also overlooks the waterhole with similarly breathtaking views of the Waterberg Plateau in the distance.

The two guestroom buildings are split into individual suites each with their own private entrance and porch area.

What is provided – Four standard suites include a double bedroom, bathroom with shower, and a lounge with sofa to accommodate up to two adults. The family room is larger and comfortably takes up to two adults and two children in two queen beds and a sleeper sofa – soaps are provided.
Each room has a power socket, which can be used to charge electrical equipment, and electricity until 10 p.m. after which there is limited power from battery storage. WIFI available at the meal house.
What you need to bring – Torch and toiletries.

Meals will be taken at our Meal House and at the Cheetah Café. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the overall cost of lodging. Alcoholic drinks are available at the meal house and you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine.

Cheetah View Lodge is $200 per person per night and includes three meals per day.

Babson House

The onsite luxury guest house is situated at the heart of the CCF Centre overlooking several cheetah camps. The accommodation is comprised of one double bedroom and one twin bedroom, both of which have their own en-suite bathrooms, a lounge and a veranda.

What is provided – Babson features one king size double bed and two double beds, bedding, en-suite toilet and shower facilities (towels provided) with soaps, wardrobe and lockable storage, TV and DVD player. There are numerous power outlets which can be used to charge electrical equipment WIFI is available 24 hours a day. Babson House also provides a gated parking facility.

What you need to bring – toiletries and other personal items.

Babson dining options:
Room only – Dinner is taken with CCF staff at the canteen (Hot Spot) while breakfast and lunch are served at the Cheetah Café.

All inclusive – All meals, refreshments and table wine is included throughout your time at CCF. Meals are prepared by a dedicated cook and served on the Babson veranda. Some meals may be provided at the meal house at Cheetah View Lodge.

Babson House is $350 per person per night and includes three meals per day.

Contact info:
Dr. Laurie Marker

Teresia Robitschko

Parking and Unloading of Equipment

There are loading and unloading zones for Rondavels and Babson. All other sites you can pull right up to load and unload equipment.

Gift Shop

CCF has many locally made items available at our gift shop, and also drinks and snacks.

Gift Shop

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