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MINI Campaign

Matching Impact with Networks of Influence

Help support our work to #SaveTheCheetah in the wild by making a donation during Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Livestock Guarding Dog MINI Campaign. From now until June 30, 2024 donations made on this page will be MATCHED by MANTRA’s $2,500 donation. MANTRA is one of CCF’s generous corporate donors.


MANTRA was founded in San Francisco in 2019 by Dominic Natalizio and Ashley Revay on a mission to make planet positive performance apparel. That means limiting the environmental impact of our products, offsetting the entire carbon footprint of our business, and investing in projects that protect the nature we celebrate with our gear.

  • Every MANTRA collection is inspired by the natural world, and built to protect it. At least 1% of sales are invested back into high-impact conservation projects with our nonprofit partners that result in clear, measurable positive outcomes for nature and wildlife.
  • All of our gear is made with recycled or biodegradable materials in ethical factories.
  • The MANTRA Namibia Collection was inspired by Namibia’s natural landscapes and wildlife.
  • In addition to supporting the MINI Campaign to match your donations on social media $2,500 Namibia Collection raises funds that MANTRA will invest directly back into saving the cheetah and its ecosystem through our partnership with Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). Through our partnership we will fund the addition of 10 dogs into the Livestock Guard Dog Program.

CCF’s MINI Campaigns

Thank you for donating to CCF’s MINI Campaign! Your donation to CCF, made before the campaign ends will be matched by an anonymous donor and have twice the benefit for the cheetahs. Your donation will help us to #SaveTheCheetah and Make the Wild a Better Place by:

  • Funding CCF’s ongoing scientific research on the cheetah and its ecosystem
  • Mitigating human-wildlife conflict across the cheetah’s range by expanding CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog program
  • Providing environmental education resources where they are needed most
  • Restoring the cheetah’s habitat addressing habitat fragmentation and accessibility to a healthy prey base

Be an Influencer for the Cheetah

Share your support for CCF’s work by following us on social media @ccfcheetah (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and sharing one of our posts and stories.

Livestock Guarding Dogs

CCF’s frontline conservation work is supported by your donations and relies on the expertise of CCF’s field staff implementing effective strategies like predator-friendly livestock management techniques. Livestock Guarding Dogs cost approximately $1,000 US dollars to raise and place on rural farms experiencing problems with predation.

Learn More About Human-Wildlife Conflict

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