Monterey Bay Whale Watch Fundraiser with Dr. Laurie Marker

Apr 8, 2023

9:00 am

  • Location: Monterey, California, USA
  • Venue: Monterey Bay Whale Watch
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Special 5-hour trip with Dr. Laurie Marker

Join Monterey Bay Whale Watch Saturday, April 8, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. along with special guest Dr. Laurie Marker, the foremost expert in Cheetah conservation, for a 5-hour whale watch supporting the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). Tickets are $105 per person, with all sales and donations going directly to CCF!

Tickets are $105 per person for both adults and children (no children under age 6), although nonrefundable they are transferable. Light snacks and drinks will be provided (finger sandwiches, cookies, chips, soda, hot drinks) at no extra cost.

Reservations are required. You can sign up by using our online Fundraiser Cruise reservation form or by calling (831) 375-4658. Reserve early since the number of spaces are limited for this very special whale-watching trip! I hope you can join me in supporting one of my favorite conservation organizations, with Dr. Laurie Marker, a conservation hero of our times!

Why Go Whale Watching for Cheetahs?

There are many similarities between African safaris and whale watching in Monterey Bay. The diversity and abundance of species in Monterey Bay rival some of the best wildlife zones in Africa. Several hundreds of dolphins are comparable to herds of antelopes; groups of large baleen whales could be the counterpart to elephants and hippos; the social complexity and intelligence of larger primates and dolphins are well documented; the social structure of sperm whales is comparable to elephants; predators high on the food chain such as large cats and wild dogs match the stealth of mammal hunting Killer Whales and the power of large sharks; scavengers like hyenas and vultures match the abilities of some sharks, albatrosses, and other seabirds. The most exciting is the mystery of what animals will be encountered in each situation and that every day is different. Just as it’s not a daily occurrence to see a cheetah chase and take down an antelope, it’s also by chance to witness Humpback Whales lunge out of the water with their mouths wide open to engulf hundreds of fish or a Killer Whale toss a seal 30 feet into the air by its tail fluke!

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