2nd Annual Chillin’ for Cheetah

Feb 20 - Mar 20, 2021

  • Location: New York
  • Venue: Online

Do you love cheetahs enough to take a freezing cold dip?

Show you care and freeze your derriere!

Our 2nd annual Chillin’ for Cheetah will be a bit different from our last, but our goal is still the same! Let’s help Dr. Laurie Marker and CCF save the Cheetah.

How to participate:

  1. Sometime between February 20th – March 20th you need to take part by taking a dip in something icy cold.
  2. Challenge 3 or more of your friends to do the same.

Be creative (yet socially distanced!) – take a dip in the ocean, fill a kiddie pool with snow, go in the ice pool at your local banya… it’s up to you!!! Upload a photo or video from your plunge to social media using the hashtag #Chillin4Cheetah and challenge your friends to join.

If you prefer to keep your feet nice and warm but you still want to support the cheetah – participate by signing up as an Plunge Sponsor for $20.


All the participants (both the ones chillin’ and the honorary ones) need to register for a chance to win:

  • Attendance to the VIP virtual chat with Dr. Laurie Marker during the spring tour.
  • Virtual wildlife encounters at the Bronx Zoo: cheetah, sloth, penguins.
  • ‘Future for Cheetah’ books.
  • Plush cheetahs with Chillin’ for Cheetah T-shirts.
  • Amazon gift cards.

Please make sure to take a photo or a short video to share your courage with the cheetah community – send to info@cheetah.org. All the images will be available on the website page.

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