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Game Drive Night and Day – I Met a Giant Bullfrog

  • by Alison Wheeler February 4, 2020
Game Drive Night and Day – I Met a Giant Bullfrog

We did game drives one afternoon. The drives are a big sweeping survey of the reserve counting all the wildlife and the distance it was from the road. This is done every month to record the overall wildlife of the reserve which is also monitored by camera traps.

We also did a night drive last night which was really spectacular. We saw: oryx, steenbok, hares, aardvark, leopard tortoise, hartebeest, jackals and a huge bullfrog which Calum caught for a closer look.

Bullfrogs are a bit dozy. They just sit there and wait to be caught making a huge noise. We were hoping to see Leopard which is quite common on the reserve but instead we were lucky enough to spot a serval which for the past 10 years have only been seen on CCF’s camera traps.

I am leaving CCF tomorrow. The good thing is that before I leave for cold and dark England, I am spending a couple of days at Erindi Private Game Reserve. From CCF’s reserve straight to Erindi which is massive – around four times the size of the county of West Sussex. Erindi is a bit posh so I’m excited to see it, especially since as a CCF volunteer I get a discount! I am also looking forward to a bit of rest and luxury! If I am really lucky I might see some of the cheetahs that CCF have rewilded at Erindi – some have done really well and have successfully raised their own cubs in the wild. It has been a great experience at CCF but definitely not for the faint hearted. It’s hard work but it’s very rewarding.

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