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Guest Blogs – Visiting CCF and Celebrating Speed and Elegance

  • by CCF Staff July 31, 2017
Guest Blogs – Visiting CCF and Celebrating Speed and Elegance

From July 6-16, 2017 a group of 12 CCF supporters and board members from the US took a tour of Namibia. The group started with two nights in Windhoek, then spent one night in Erongo, three nights in Etosha and four nights with us at CCF. They attended our annual Namibian Gala and stayed in our new Cheetah View Lodge. Please enjoy the highlights from their trip in their own words:

I was thrilled to be able to attend the gala and meet such an interesting group of attendees – from diplomats to farmers and beer producers as well as a broad range of other interesting people who all share a love and dedication to saving the beautiful cheetahs.

The generous selection of silent auction items offered something for everyone. I came away with 2 beautiful photographs which will be a permanent reminder of this special adventure.

The speakers at the gala, including Laurie, were so informative and made a compelling case for the importance of conservation across the globe.

The event was festive, well organized and well attended. I was very impressed with the numerous cheetah fans Laurie has cultivated over the years. To be in a banquet room filled with fellow cheetah lovers touched me very deeply. So happy that I could be a part of it and I hope to attend again next year!
-Roswitha Smale

I had the privilege to go with a group of 12 fabulous people on a trip organized by Our Africa Safaris and led by our fabulous guide Frank from Namibia Tours and Safaris starting July 6 and ending July 15th. We had a very busy schedule traveling through the country starting with the two night stay in Windhoek attending the Gala and staying at three different lodges on our way to CCF. We saw wildlife sporadically as we drove through the countryside but the highlight was at the Etosha Reserve where we spent almost two days scrambling over each other in the van frantically taking photos of the Giraffes, Wildebeest, Lions, Ostriches, jackal and a variety of other birds and antelopes (cannot remember all the names) etc., and the 140 or so elephants at the waterholes. I had never been to Africa and the experience of seeing these animals so close was beyond words. Oh can’t forget the three lions who were salivating at all the potential main courses but a bit to lazy to do much more than wish.

We pulled into CCF on July 12th for our 4 day visit. The new accommodations are so beautiful and decorated with beautiful pictures of cheetahs and very comfortable. The food was fantastic and prepared by the staff. Each evening we had different staff and volunteers join us for dinner and shared with us what they do for CCF. They kept us very busy the next three days showing us all aspects of the facility. I was in awe of all that they do. I could not get enough of watching the cheetahs exercise, eat and take naps. Did you know they purr and chirp when they were ready to be fed. The person in charge of the goats (do not recall her name) her commented something like “the heart of what they do is placing dogs with the farmers to protect their livestock. Over the next several days I realized everything that is being done at CCF is all important. Research, education with the local farmers, the scat dogs, mapping where the animals are, generating income through a variety of ways and of course keeping the resident cheetahs healthy and reintroduction back into the wild when possible.

I was sad to leave as I do not know if I will have the opportunity to return and left a piece of my heart behind. I have many great memories and many pictures to remind me of what a true gem CCF is and thank you Laurie and Bruce and your staff for all you do.
– Pam Murray

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