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Looking Back on What We’ve Accomplished

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker January 7, 2022
Looking Back on What We’ve Accomplished
photo by Craig Taylor

As we work to keep the wild, wild – it is essential that we return to in-person community involvement. Our efforts to save the species across its range are most successful when we are working directlywith farmers, pastoralists, teachers, community and government leaders, and partners in business, universities and fellow NGOs.

That is why we have one resolution and one resolution alone for 2022. We will do everything we can to return to CCF’s pre-COVID outreach, education, and engagement.

Our administrative, research, education, model farm, tourism and animal health and care staff at both our Centres in Namibia and Somaliland are vaccinated and/or have natural immunity to COVID-19. In 2021, we worked with healthcare staff from Otjiwarongo State Hospital to set up a COVID vaccination clinic at our headquarters in Namibia. We welcome this type of partnership in the future and hope that we can continue to help expand it to include more of the community. We are very familiar with helping to manage the spread of zoonotic diseases (shared between humans and animals) and mitigating the negative impacts faced by people, livestock and wildlife.

Operating under the One Health Initiative, CCF’s rabies vaccination clinics are helping protect domestic animals from passing the deadly disease to humans and wildlife. We have vaccinated more than 1,000 animals since implementing One Health in 2019. During 2020, our rabies clinics came to an abrupt halt and our ability to do our work has been greatly impacted. We were able to resume our efforts later in the year but with a much lower rate and limited reach.

We hope you will continue to support our work in 2022. CCF is essential in the community. No matter how zoonotic diseases are introduced they are always a source of danger and anxiety for people, and a major cause of human-wildlife conflict. We need to take the lead in helping the rural communities that live alongside predators. From loss of livelihood by predation on livestock to direct exposure to diseases like rabies, people that live alongside the cheetah need our help now more than ever. By supporting them, we will save the cheetah in the wild.

We are looking forward to securing a future for cheetahs. Thank you and Happy New Year!

photo by Craig Taylor

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