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Happy New Year!

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker January 1, 2020
Happy New Year!

Cheetah Conservation Fund turns 30 in 2020! This anniversary is a time to celebrate the things that unify us as an organization: our love for the cheetah and all the African wildlife that share its ecosystem; our desire to ensure a future for the cheetah in the wild; and our commitment to the strategies that make long-term species survival possible.

Reflect on our progress by reviewing research and results from CCF’s programs across the cheetahs range in order to better:

  • Serve the communities who live alongside the cheetah and share the ecosystem with wildlife including predators.
  • Deliver CCF’s Environmental Education programming to students across Namibia.
  • Reduce our footprint on the environment by continuing to utilize our natural resources in sustainable ways that also create employment opportunities and economic growth for Namibia, and share this model with our partners throughout the cheetahs’ range.
  • Represent the unique needs of the cheetah populations in the Horn of Africa by continuing our outreach efforts to end the illegal pet trade.

Sustain our population stronghold in Namibia by supporting CCF’s scientifically proven programs so we can:

  • Continue to build a better appreciation for the important role of predators in the ecosystem.
  • Enhance the usability of cheetah habitat by reclaiming overgrown thorn bushed areas across Namibia and fully realizing the biomass energy potential for the environment and the people.
  • Deliver on our commitment to provide Livestock Guarding Dogs to all the farmers on our waiting list.
  • Diversify income streams for rural Namibians through craft development, predator-friendly farming techniques, and new dairy products at our Dancing Goat Creamery.

Appreciate our partners, donors, volunteers, advocates and affiliates around the world. Together we are working to help CCF Save the Cheetah in the Wild, and in our anniversary year we will celebrate our cheetah friends with:

  • Special recognition at CCF events during Dr. Laurie Marker’s Spring and Fall tours.
  • Additional opportunities to feature our conservation focused business partnerships.
  • Featured blogs and posts across CCF’s communications. We want to introduce our supporters to the world.
  • Open access to key events during Dr. Laurie Marker’s Spring and Fall tours. We want to thank EVERYONE who made it possible for our organization to achieve 30 years in operation.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make the Year of the Livestock Guarding Dog a success! We hope you will continue to celebrate the cheetah in 2020 by joining us in our 30th Anniversary festivities.

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