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Cheetah Conservation Fund 2024 Resolutions

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker January 2, 2024
Cheetah Conservation Fund 2024 Resolutions

Global Cheetah Summit – Conservation Through Collaboration
Organize and host a global cheetah summit, bringing together government and NGO stakeholders from around the world to develop a shared plan to address species endangerment across the cheetah’s range. This summit will facilitate the exchange of ideas, strategies, and collaborative efforts to stop the further decline of the species in the wild.

Expand Livestock Guarding Dog Program: Increase the scope of the Livestock Guarding Dog program, breeding and placing more dogs with farmers to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Habitat Restoration and Protection: Implement larger-scale habitat restoration projects and encourage new corridors and protected areas for cheetahs and other wildlife.

Volunteer and Internship Programs: Welcome more volunteers and interns for hands-on education opportunities focusing on habitat conservation, research, and community outreach.

Enhance Rescue and Rehabilitation Facilities: Continue to improve our rehabilitation center and veterinary clinic for confiscated cheetahs, focusing on advanced veterinary care and expansive facilities that closely mimic natural habitats.

Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade: Intensify efforts to combat the illegal wildlife/pet trade through stronger legal frameworks and enforcement, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC).

Community Education and Research Programs: Expand education and research initiatives in local communities to raise awareness about the importance of cheetah conservation and the impact of wildlife trade.

Strengthen Community-Based Conservation: Empower local communities through conservation projects that provide economic benefits and promote coexistence with wildlife.

Photos by Suzi Eszterhas

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