Our Thanks to a Dear Friend

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker November 28, 2015
Our Thanks to a Dear Friend

Dr. O’Brien is recognized internationally as a molecular biologist, genome bioinformatician, university professor and dedicated conservationist who uses the tools of his research to help protect endangered species like the cheetah. He is considered a ‘National Treasure’ by the U.S. scientific community and by his CCF family.

Dr. O’Brien recently stepped down from his role as CCF USA Board Chair after a long and successful run. He will continue to remain on the CCF Board of Directors, helping with strategic planning as CCF continues into its mission to save the cheetah. Dr. O’Brien has worked with Dr. Marker on cheetah research projects since 1982, when they documented the remarkable genetic uniformity of African cheetahs. On the 8th of December their collaborative paper on sequencing the cheetah genome will be published. Keep your eyes out for this important on-going cheetah research.

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