NamibRand Cheetahs – February 2010

  • by CCF Staff February 21, 2010
NamibRand Cheetahs – February 2010

February 7: NamibRand female
The female has moved back into the area she was occupying a few weeks ago just before returning to the reserve. She is on the farm Hammerstein, and just under 7 km from the NRNR boundary.

The boys seems to have had quite a relaxed week, never moving more than 2 km from Keerweder. It looks as if they may have drunk at the Keerweder waterhole yesterday evening at around 18:30.

For your enjoyment! Photos sent by the Warden at NamibRand of the released Boys .

As for the female, Rob reported that there was very good data for the female this week. Unfortunately it all places her very squarely on Hammerstein. As of about ten to seven yesterday she was 9.5 km east of the NRNR boundary, and 1.2 km SW on the C19.

February 19: NamibRand Boys
We have unusually detailed information this week since the satellite collar seems to have changed to an earlier duty schedule. We are checking on this to try and work out why, since if this continues the batteries will be exhausted much faster than we’d anticipated.

Given the large number of points, it is impossible to display on a single map, so I have hidden the majority. Staff at NamibRand have already reported that they discovered the boys feeding on a zebra calf at the Sandgrouse waterhole earlier in the week.

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