N#A-JAQNA Conservancy Trip

  • by Eveline Iikondja July 8, 2024
N#A-JAQNA Conservancy Trip

I recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on an adventure, to the N#a-Jaqna Conservancy with CCF’s scat detection dog Gamena. This trip was particularly special as it was our first field expedition together.

With her keen sense of smell and boundless energy, she was ready to tackle the challenges of the field. This was our first trip together as a team, and I was eager to see how she would perform in a real-world setting. From the moment we set foot in the conservancy, I could sense her excitement and readiness to work

Our primary goal for this trip was not only to find cheetah scat, but to collect as many predator scats as we can find, as this is crucial for our research and conservation efforts. We set out early in the morning, and it wasn’t long before she made her first significant find, with her nose to the ground, she led me to a spot under a tree where we discovered our first hyena latrine, the rest of the day was equally thrilling and Gamena continued to impress me with her determination. We discovered several more scat samples, each find adding to the excitement and our growing dataset and as the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the conservancy, we made our way back to camp. Reflecting on the day’s events.

However, the highlight of the trip came when Gamena had her first field indication, of what I think is African wild dog scat. She looked up at me, signaling that she had found something significant. It was a moment of pure connection and understanding between us. We had trained for this but seeing it in action was incredibly fulfilling. The pride and excitement we both felt in that moment were indescribable.

Our first trip together in the N#A JAQNA Conservancy was more than just a success; it was the beginning of a journey filled with promise and potential. Gamena proved herself to be an invaluable asset to our team, and I couldn’t have been prouder of her achievements. As we continue our work together, I look forward to many more adventures and discoveries, knowing that with Gamena by my side, anything is possible.

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