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Pedicure Time at the Model Farm

  • by CCF Staff March 12, 2018
Pedicure Time at the Model Farm

The beginning of 2018 has already been a busy year here at CCF, especially at our model farm. With a total of 485 goats and sheep we are constantly doing animal husbandry and training new Livestock Guarding Dogs for placement. Although February is international hoof care month, proper hoof care is celebrated at CCF’s model farm every day of the year. Hoof care is extremely important to the health of our livestock as it is their main mode of transportation. We help keep their hooves healthy by completing routine hoof trimming and foot baths to prevent tick issues. Each morning and afternoon, all goats and sheep are checked to make sure they are all healthy. If any animals are sick, they are treated accordingly.

Tyapa Toivo, CCF’s Small Livestock Manager performs routine hoof care for CCF’s herd on the model farm.

Furthermore, in January, CCF hosted a group of trainees from different African countries from the Pathways Africa conference for post training at our centre. They learned numerous skills while at CCF, but a large part of the training was on our model farm, including proper livestock management and health and use of livestock guarding dogs. All trainees seemed to enjoy the presentations and interactions with our animals at the model farm.

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