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Google 360° Views of CCF

  • by CCF Staff March 23, 2020
Google 360° Views of CCF

Join us for a 360° tour of the highlights of CCF’s campus!


Entering the Courtyard

Entering the Courtyard 2


Visitor Centre

Cheetah Cafe’and Visitor Centre Veranda

Visitor Centre and Gift Shop Entrance

Gift Shop

Courtyard 3

Courtyard 4

Cheetah Museum

Cheetah Museum 2

Genetics Lab

CCF’s Greenhouses

Model Farm

Inside the Dancing Goat Creamery Kitchen

Ambassador Cheetahs Enclosure

Ambassador Cheetahs Enclosure 2

Babson House Entrance

Babson House – Overnight Lodging

Babson House 2 – Overnight Lodging

Now that you’ve looked around a bit…

take a tour with CCF’s Founder and Executive Director?

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