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Featured Staff – Vistoria Tuhemwe – Veterinary Technician

  • by CCF Staff July 24, 2020
Featured Staff – Vistoria Tuhemwe – Veterinary Technician

Vistoria is from Ondangwa in the Oshikoto region of Namibia, where she went to school most of her life. After completing school, she spent some time in Ondangwa examining community and health until 2016, when she applied for and was accepted to university. She attended University of Namibia from 2016 to 2018 and received a diploma in animal health in April of 2019. Before graduating, she applied for CCF’s internship program. Fortunately for her, at the time she submitted her application, there was an opening for a veterinary technician. Rather than offering her an internship, CCF hired her as its newest veterinary technician.

Vistoria has always loved animals, and remembers growing up with animals such as goats, chickens, cattle, cats, and dogs. She has great empathy for animals, and recalls that growing up, she had a desire to help animals that were struggling or in pain. At this time, she decided that when she grew up, she wanted to do something for animals. She is now able to dedicate her entire heart to her work because of her love for animals.

While in school, Vistoria found that she was mostly studying theory. Though she had learned a lot from school and books, she has been able to gain more practical skills by working at CCF. She feels very lucky to have come to CCF and to receive help from her coworkers in sharpening the skills she gained during school. She loves to learn, and she particularly enjoys that she learns something new every day at CCF. She attributes this to the experts who come in and the knowledge sharing that takes place in the organization. She looks forward to continuing to learn through her work at CCF. After getting more experience in the field, Vistoria hopes to someday return to school and become a veterinarian.

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