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Eulogy for Monet

  • by Calum O'Flaherty June 26, 2020
Eulogy for Monet

On the 25th May 2020, we had to say goodbye to one of our treasured dairy goats, Monet.

About 10 days earlier, the herder at our neighbouring farm where Monet stays had noticed a change in Monet’s personality and demeanour as well as a chesty cough, which alerted us to a potential health issue. CCF’s veterinary team worked around the clock to try and identify the cause but sadly his health rapidly declined and, unfortunately, and unfortunately after 10 days of round the clock care, Monet passed away peacefully. He was surrounded by a handful of staff members that loved him and were close to him.

Monet was born in South Africa and brought from Fairview Dairy Farm in South Africa, to Namibia by Dr. Laurie Marker. He instantly became a firm favourite amongst the Cheetah Conservation Fund team and established himself as one of our most important breeding males. Over his 5 years here at CCF he sired 163 kids, some of whom have become crucial to our milk producing herd and helping run our onsite creamery.

As Monet settled in at CCF, his gentle nature and calm demeanour came forward. He loved being around people and the ladies he got to meet twice a year. This trait followed into most of kids who have now formed a major part of Model Farm set up and are now helping us educate local farmers on the importance of good livestock management to mitigate human-wildlife conflict within Namibia. Monet was our shining buck, as he had the most relaxed personality and the most handsome/beautiful kids who will carry on his incredible legacy!

Thank you, Monet, for giving CCF so many years of your life, and for being one of the best representatives of our dairy goat herd. You were an amazing ambassador for the dairy goat species (Saanen). We will always remember you. Rest in peace.

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