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Chewbaaka’s Birthday

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker July 1, 2009
Chewbaaka’s Birthday

We got a 6 new dairy goats last night (CCF’s early birthday present in honor of Chewbaaka) – one I have named The Rubaiy at (of Omar Khayam) – all are pregnant due to give birth in the next couple weeks.

The day before yesterday Chewbaaka caught himself a hare in his enclosure – he stalked it, ran and caught it – at 14!!

We had puppies by Tylee the night before last – there were 10 puppies but 6 were still born – never had a problem like this before so did necropsies today to see what was going on – maybe canine herpes.

The busiest days at CCF are over for now – but the next few months we will still be busy (just not all on the same day).

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