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CCF’s Resolutions for 2021

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker January 7, 2021
CCF’s Resolutions for 2021

We Made Our Goal

Your support was overwhelming during CCF’s Home Range for the Holidays Campaign! Your donations of $275,000 will be matched thanks to our generous Year-End Challengers.

Your support has put CCF in a great position to set some ambitious goals and resolutions that we wanted to share with you. We are so thankful for your continued support during such a challenging year.

Thanks to YOU, CCF will be able to move forward into 2021 with the funds needed to help achieve our resolutions and begin Coalition Building for the Cheetah.

Saving a species that once spanned Africa, the southern portions of Asia and the Middle East is not a task that can be done by one organization alone. Our dedication to saving the cheetah has led CCF to seek cooperative partnerships across the cheetah’s current range in order to stop losing cheetahs to the species’ three main threats: human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss and the illegal pet/wildlife trade. With help from CCF’s partners we will expand population strongholds in regions that currently have cheetahs by expanding our successful programs and sharing our research. In 2021, CCF will work with partners to:

  • Build and bolster rangewide environmental education
  • Develop and raise awareness for biomass energy production
  • Implement regenerative, soil-friendly, and predator-friendly agriculture
  • Increase outreach efforts to stop the illegal pet trade

To promote coexistence with predators for the new year, our goal is to increase CCF’s support for the farmers living alongside predators like the cheetah. Asking people to harmoniously share their ecosystem with predators is a big ask,especially those people who rely on the landscape for their livelihoods and perceive a direct threat from predators including the cheetah. In 2021, CCF frontline staff will work to:

  • Continue research projects focused on reducing human-wildlife conflict
  • Expand Future Farmers of Africa & Future Conservationists of Africa participation into new areas of cheetah rangeland like Somaliland and Ethiopia, via virtual learning
  • Welcome small socially distanced groups to CCF for in-person learning at our new Biomass Classroom
  • Deliver Livestock Guarding Dogs to new farmers and expand our involvement with farm visits in the Eastern Communal Lands in Namibia
  • Work with pastoral/nomads in the Horn of Africa to reduce livestock predation and human-wildlife conflict
  • Conduct surveys and outreach campaigns in Somaliland to increase awareness of the negative impacts of the illegal pet/wildlife trade

Helping CCF’s supporters around the world to see the impact of their donations in Africa is challenging. Normally, our Founder and Executive Director Dr. Laurie Marker would be traveling to bring in-person updates directly to CCF’s supporters. Obviously, that won’t be happening this year. In 2021, CCF will increase awareness of how YOU are helping to save the cheetah by:

  • Overcoming our distance with new interactive virtual events and happenings
  • Sending regular communications directly to you with print and digital updates (make sure to sign-up to receive updates from CCF)
  • Building CCF’s online presence with increased video content published on CCF’s YouTube Channel
  • Bringing the savanna directly to you with interviews from CCF staff and rangewide partners – they know first-hand what a difference YOUR SUPPORT makes to CCF’s conservation work.

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