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Veterinary Teamwork for the Cheetahs in Somaliland

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker September 6, 2019
Veterinary Teamwork for the Cheetahs in Somaliland

Neju Jimmy and me were joined by Dr. Margarita Woc Colburn from the Nashville Zoo to complete a cheetah health examination at the cheetah safe house in Somaliland. We also had a team of veterinarians from South Africa who joined us. We all worked in teams side-by-side with the goal of examining all 31 cats in our care.

Neju Jimmy, Dr. Margarita Woc Colburn and Dr. Laurie Marker

We started with Moonlight, the cub that broke its leg 6 months ago. The team had the vet clinic set up and waiting for the veterinarians.

Today, we continued to examine the cheetahs. I hope to have enough time to unpack our bags and restock the clinic with all the medications and supplies so kindly donated by the Nashville Zoo. Dr. Woc Colburn brought a blood analyzing machine and ultrasound. She has a calming presence and excellent “tableside” manners with the cheetahs. We are so glad she is here. Recent graduate Neju is getting some excellent on-the-job training from her and our other visiting professionals.

The international team of veterinarians and vet students completed five cheetah workups yesterday and 23 today! Many thanks to Dr. Woc Colburn! Without her help, we could not have completed all the workups so quickly.

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