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What Do People Do At CCF? I Did My Dream Job

  • by Esegiel Theron August 2, 2022
What Do People Do At CCF? I Did My Dream Job

The first day I came to CCF, I was confused as to what people do here. Then I went on my first ride with the cheetah team to go see the cutest wild dogs where we cleaned their pen, which is also a very big part of what we do at CCF to ensure the health and safety of all animals. Centre feeding is probably the best activity at CCF besides the Cheetah run, I help feed the cheetahs which was kind of scary at first but when you see them run to get to their bowls at that moment you realise that these animals are similar to your house cats but plus sized. I’ve learned to do the Centre feeding talk, which allows for us to share with visitors what, how and when we feed the resident cats.

Taking care of the resident cheetahs is very interesting but that isn’t all we do at CCF. There are a lot of assignments, chores and duties that are just as important! I get to help in the livestock guarding dog department when I’m not assigned in the cheetah department, with cleaning, feeding and walking the dogs. These dogs help to protect the goats and sheep from predators, one bark could scare away most predators. Some would say the best section at CCF, but that is for you to determine. Also the puppies are the cutest.

I try and help out anywhere I can where help is needed, so i get to be involved in different projects and assignments each and every day. This includes game count drives and checking on camera traps in the reserve.

I also get the chance to help in the Biomass Department. I once helped collect soil samples where we dug 30 cm holes and sampled the soil to see the nutrient content before and after bush harvesting, which was a lot of fun as well. I like to say, if I don’t create my own happiness, then who will? So, I try to enjoy everything I do.

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