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CCF Interns – Saving the Cheetahs in VA

  • by CCF Intern August 12, 2016
CCF Interns – Saving the Cheetahs in VA

By Arianna Cooper and Leah Odom


From the Thursday group lunches to filling out questionnaires for fundraising, my internship experience has be the highlight of my summer. It goes without saying that cheetahs are a top priority in my mind.

I have learned extremely valuable skills during the past few weeks, including mastering excel, learning the different functions of databases, and grant/ fundraising vernacular. After examining the base language for grant writing my interest in exploring the inner depths of funding flourished into a chasm of foundations from some of the top companies nationwide.

Receiving a yes from a company that is interested in donating or partnering with CCF is an exhilarating feeling. I have learned the importance of teamwork and how a non-profit functions from the inside.
It feels like I am learning the insider trade tips and tricks to how to run a successful non-profit. I am truly thankful for all of the support that the CCF staff have given both Leah and I during our time here. I hope to be able to work with everyone again and maybe even volunteer at the Namibia headquarters in the future.


Before I started my internship at CCF, I had a strong desire to pursue a career in the non-profit world, and now that motivation is even stronger. I have gained fundraising, online auction, and database experience during my time in the office. My communication and interpersonal skills have greatly improved, and I have become more creative with my fundraising ideas. My knowledge of databases and microsoft excel will give me an edge in the professional world after I graduate from college. I have learned how to use the online auction platform “Bidding for Good,” which seems to be an incredible tool to raise money for non-profit organizations.

Arianna and I have worked hard to secure a large amount of donations to be auctioned off to help preserve the cheetah in the wild. I have greatly enjoyed working in a small office setting, it has allowed me to work more closely with everyone in the office! I am very happy that CCF decided to take me on as an intern, and I am grateful to have worked with such knowledgeable people that have taught me many fundraising and communication skills. Thank you! (:

What we found in the office after they left:

Thanks for all your hard work and for being great interns!

If you would like to be an intern in CCFs Alexandria VA office this fall, please email your resume and cover letter to

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