Empowering farmers and ushering in a radiant future for Namibian dairy farming

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada October 30, 2023
Empowering farmers and ushering in a radiant future for Namibian dairy farming

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Greetings from CCF Thriving Model Farm! After a pandemic-induced hiatus, CCF was delighted to share the resounding success of the latest on-site farmer training session. This time, CCF Namibia Centre welcomed 15 dedicated farmers from the Omaheke region, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, for an enlightening experience focusing on overall livestock management and its pivotal role in mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

A dedicated group of farmers delved deep into the world of livestock management, soaking in essential insights into animal health checks, cattle farming, specialized dairy goat care, and the significance of livestock guarding dogs. With a passionate commitment to the well-being of every animal under our care, the training revolved around equipping the farmers to manage their herds robustly and responsibly, particularly in the context of human-wildlife conflict within Namibia.

Tyapa gathers information in farmer interviews

Beyond livestock: The world of dairy processing

But the excitement didn’t end with livestock. The farmers also embarked on a fascinating journey into the realm of dairy processing, where they crafted creamy cheeses and savoured the delightful Omaere. This additional dimension of learning showcased the holistic approach we foster, ensuring that our farmers are equipped with a diverse skill set to thrive in the dairy farming landscape.

The dedication and fervour exhibited by the participants were nothing short of inspirational. Their hunger for knowledge and eagerness to apply their newfound skills on their own farms lit up the training sessions. At CCF, we take immense pride in playing a pivotal role in empowering these farmers and nurturing the growth of sustainable dairy farming in the region.

Thanks so much for your participation!

We extend a colossal shoutout to the extraordinary team at the Model Farm, and heartfelt gratitude to Vistoria Tuhemwe, the outstanding veterinary technician, Fransina Simson and Heita Simeon, the creamery maestros, Johan Britz, the farm manager, Matti Nghikembua, the garden genius, Justin Moyo, the amazing cheetah keeper, and Ignatius Davids, one of our great educators. Their unwavering passion and dedication were the driving force behind the remarkable success of this training.


A radiant future for Namibian dairy farming

As we anticipate the extraordinary strides the Omaheke farmers will take, applying their newfound knowledge, we’re excited to witness the bright future they’re shaping for Namibian dairy farming. CCF commitment to empowering farmers and preserving the region’s wildlife remains unwavering.

The mission at CCF extends beyond preserving wildlife; it’s about nurturing thriving communities and sustainable agriculture.  Join us in our journey to empower farmers and safeguard the unique ecosystems of Namibia.


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