Puppies, Cheetahs, and Happy Holidays

  • by Dr. Laurie Marker December 25, 2008
Puppies, Cheetahs, and Happy Holidays

We just had a litter of nine Kangal Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding Dogs born. The mother, Ushi, was very protective yesterday, and today she allowed us to meet them all – 5 females and four males and all healthy – Ushi too!

And today, we were brought four more cheetahs, a mother and 3 nearly grown cubs. They were caught near a cattle corral, suspect in catching calves. The farmer, a family of one of our employees, said that the reason they were causing problems with the livestock was that the farmers in the area had killed off all the wild game. We will work these cats up on Monday – we will anesthetize them and collect blood, measure them and give them a full health check. We are hoping to release them back into the wild shortly thereafter, if they all are in good health. So, we have our work cut out for the next several days.

I hope we have a sort of calm Christmas – but one never knows… As, we are expecting another litter of puppies – they are due on Tuesday – but then they could be here on Christmas!

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