Staff & Patrons

CCF staff are some of the leading experts in their fields, and they are available to speak at your event! To request a speaker (including Dr. Laurie Marker herself) please fill out our form below.

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Speakers marked in red are available half to full time in the United States.

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Executive Director

Laurie L. Marker, DPhil.

Namibia Staff

Lora Allen
Head of Cheetah Department (2017 – present)

Anne-Marie Bekker
Business Manager (2017 – present)

Bruce Brewer, PhD.
General Manager (1998 – present) and also runs the CCF Bushblok project

Denise Crause
Administrative Assistant (2018 – present)

Willem Daniel Briers-Louw
Ecologist (2018 – present)

Johan Britz
Farms Manager, CCF Bush (2003 – present)

Tanya Britz
Accountant, CCF Bush (2003 – present)

Ignatius Davids
Educator, CCF (2010 – present)

Karin Falk
Accountant, CCF (2010 – present)

Josephina Gabriel
Tourism and Education Staff Member, CCF (2013 – present)

Robin Gieling
Veterinarian, CCF (2017 – present)

Hafeni Hamalwa
Master Student Genetics Laboratory, CCF (2017 – present)

Tim Hofmann
Scat Dog Handler, Research Manager & Research Coordinator, CCF (2018 – present)

Job Iyambo
Tourism Guide, CCF (2010 – present)

Bianca Jacobs
Tourism Manager, CCF (2017 – present)

Ruan Jacobs
Assistant Estate Manger (2017-present)

Quentin de Jager
Scat Dog Handler and Trainer, CCF (2017 – present)

Becky Johnston
Cheetah Keeper and Studbook Assistant, CCF (2016 – present)

Kristofina Keendjele
Tourism Staff Member, CCF (2014 – present)

Himeezembi Kuhanga
Tourism Guide, CCF (2016 – present)

Anne Schmidt-Küntzel, DVM, PhD.
Research Geneticist and Assistant Director for Animal Health and Research, CCF (2008 – present)

Nadja Le Roux
Community Development Manager, CCF (2016 – present)

Monika N. Nangham
Genetics Laboratory Assistant, CCF (2017 – present)

Matti Nghikembua
Senior Ecologist and Forest Steward, CCF (1997 – present)

Gebhardt Nikanor
Education Officer, Livestock Guarding Dog, CCF (2001 – present)

Lauren Pfeiffer
Personal Assistant to Dr. Laurie Marker, CCF (2017 – present)

Nina Sausgruber, PhD
Genetics Laboratory Manager, CCF (2018 – present)

Paige Seitz
Livestock Guarding Dog Programme Manager, CCF (2013 – present)

Armas Shaanika
Chief Goat Herder, CCF (2001 – present)

Ester Shipanga
Tourism Staff Member

Tryves Shivolo
Tourism Guide, CCF (2014 – present)

Meriam Shuudi
Tourism Staff Member, CCF (2014 – present)

Bessie & Max Simon
Farm & Maintenance Supervisors, CCF (2003 – present)

Annetjie Siyaya
Research and Education Manager, CCF (2017 – present)

Heike Stackmann
Volunteer Coordinator and Public Relations Officer, CCF (2006 – present)

Carolina Torres
Ecologist/Conservation Scientist, CCF (2018 – present)

Toivo Tyapa
Small Livestock Manager, CCF (2011 – present)

Stijn Verschueren
Ecology Researcher, CCF (2017 – present)

Hanlie Visser
Hospitality Manager, CCF (2012 – present)

Paul Visser
Assistant Farms Manager, CCF (2012 – present)

Eli Walker
Curator, CCF (2013 – present)

Julia Zumbroich
Laboratory Technician, CCF (2018 – present)

USA Staff

Brian Badger
Director of Conservation & Outreach
(2016 – present)

Justin Birkhoff
Development Manager – West Coast
(2018 – present)

Beth Fellenstein
Director of Operations and Finance
(2011 – present)

Susan Kauffman
Constituent Relationship Manager
(2016 – present)

Paula Martin
Executive and Development Assistant
(2007 – present)

Jj Muehlhausen
Development Manager – Grants and Designated Giving
(2017 – present)

Dionne Stein
Development Manager – Events and Special Projects
(2016 – present)

Patricia Tricorache
Assistant Director for Strategic Communications and Illegal Wildlife Trade
(2001 – present)

Heather Ravenscroft
Digital Media and Graphic Design Manager
(2014 – present)

Susan Yannetti
External Relations Manager
(2014 – present)

CCF USA Volunteers


International Patron

Honourable Professor Peter Katjavivi
Speaker of the House of the Republic of Namibia

UK Patrons

Jonathan and Angela Scott
Photographers, writers, TV personalities