BUSHBLOK® is a briquette that is useful for cooking, brais, fire places, stoves and open fires.

Compared to standard firewood, BUSHBLOK® are much more economical, as they are value priced and burn longer. They are not only classified as smokeless fuel, but the amount of ash left after the fire is extinguished is minimal.

BUSHBLOK® is a Product of “Cheetah Country” with manufacturing operations in Namibia and it is a Certified Wildlife Friendly® product.

Instructions for Use

BUSHBLOK® makes great fuel for woodstoves, fireplaces, open fires and braais (BBQ). Start with these instructions and experiment to find the method that works best for you. Please protect the environment by practicing good wildfire safety.

Braai (BBQ) with BUSHBLOK®

  1. Clean the grill: Remove excess ash and clean the grill itself.
  2. Light BUSHBLOK® (see below)
  3. Enjoy the cheery warmth of your Cheetah-saving fire with your friends, family and a tasty beverage. Wait until the blocks can be poked apart easily (roughly 1 hour).
  4. Spread the coals evenly for an exceptional braai. BUSHBLOK® fires can provide intense heat for more than 3 hours. Wear thick gloves to avoid burns.

Lighting BUSHBLOK®

  1. Remove 4-6 blocks from pack. Place unused blocks in a dry place for next time or to add to the fire later.
  2. Use a good-quality, environmentally friendly fire starter.
  3. Arrange blocks in a small pile, allowing good airflow. Place fire starter and plenty of dry twigs or paper under blocks.
  4. Light the fire starter and kindling in many places. Once the fire is going, more blocks can be added. A BUSHBLOK® fire stays hot for many hours, even after visible flames are gone.

The Key Advantages of Purchasing the BUSHBLOK® Logs Include

  • Economical and cost effective
  • Burns longer than wood
  • Smokeless
  • Easy to Handle
  • No additives
  • High ecological impact, environmental friendly
  • Made from 100% natural material
  • Helps to create suitable habitat for cheetahs

As a result of the extrusion process, the calorific value is around 4870 KCAL. No chemical additives are being used. BUSHBLOK® normally comes in a set of 12 logs per pack, each log weighing approximately 833 gr, each log is 195 mm by 65 mm.


Namibia, Windhoek