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Winter Camp Celebration for International Cheetah Day

  • CCF United States - New York
  • by Paola Bari December 6, 2020
Winter Camp Celebration for International Cheetah Day

A special message from Julius who attended the CCF Winter Camp:

Cheetahs and their survival are basically my life. I like cheetahs because they are so fast and agile. I learned about conservation from cheetahs and they were the reason I went to visit Dr. Laurie Marker last year. I love all animals because they are so different from humans and so similar at the same time. I love animals from the small ant to the mighty blue whale. But my love for animals started with cheetahs. Thank you cheetahs!

Julius was amazing during our last session of the camp by guessing most of the animals… he is very knowledgeable and we thank him for his dedication and love for the cheetah.

The drawing was a way to celebrate International Cheetah Day. Thank you Julius !!!

The rainbow in the background is a sign of hope for this beautiful animal.

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