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Leadership for Cheetahs at Hesby Oaks

  • by Elizabeth Leonhardt December 8, 2022
Leadership for Cheetahs at Hesby Oaks

Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter is a school in Los Angeles. We are a span school, kinder-8th grade. Our Leadership Elective is dedicated to helping our school, community, and the world in any way that we can. I have always loved cheetahs so I introduced the CCF to Hesby and suggested that the Leadership class do a fundraiser to help them.

The Fundraiser!

To kick off the fundraiser we had a guest speaker named Alan Feldstein to tell the entire school about the cheetah and inspire people to donate. Alan gave a speech and told everyone about why we needed to help the cheetahs and what we could do. Without this speech I doubt we would have been as successful as we were. It was our first in-person assembly since before Covid and the children were rapt with attention. We delivered jars to each classroom for students to put donations in. We went to the classes almost every day to tally the amount of money that they had. We had a Cheetah Graphic with a cheetah with blank spots as well as a ruler at the top. You fill in the ruler as you go and for every $5 you get to fill in one spot.


As some incentives to help students vote we had a list of prizes for each class.

  • $20 – Candy
  • $40 – Popsicle Party!
  • $60 – Lemonade Party
  • $80 – For elementary students we had a dance party and for middle school we had a game.
  • $100 – Pie the student body President in the face!

Also – For the middle school and elementary classes that raised the most money we gave them a cheetah stuffed animal!

The Total!

By the end of the fundraiser we raised a total of $2487.02!!! All of the money came straight from the students who worked hard to raise money to help the cheetahs! Thank you students and thank you CCF!

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