Join the race, volunteer for the cheetahs in the USA!

In the last 100 years, the world has lost 90% of the wild cheetah population. You can help us win the race against extinction by becoming a volunteer for CCF in the USA. Some areas have local chapters that plan events for CCF and some areas have active volunteers that organize small scale individual projects.

Volunteer for the Cheetahs - CCF Northern California
Northern California Chapter Event
New York Chapter Event
New York Chapter Event

Volunteer activities provide valuable support to CCF’s fundraising, outreach and education activities. CCF USA is currently looking for volunteers to:

  • Help with event calling campaigns
  • Help with media editing and archiving
  • Research foundations and grants
  • Help with scientific writing
  • Help with graphic design, illustration and infographics
  • Lead volunteer booths and community fairs – especially for Earth Day and International Cheetah Day (December 4th)
  • Run CCF’s Online Auction
  • Run CCF’s Humans for Cheetahs events in your area
  • Office assistance in our US office in Alexandria Virginia

If you are interested in starting a United States Chapter of CCF please look over our Chapter Guidelines for more information.

Humans for Cheetahs

Do you want to raise money for CCF by participating in marathons, bike races, and other team or individual sports? CCF’s Humans for Cheetahs is an initiative where you can help by volunteering for the cheetah in the USA by leading and participating in sporting events while raising money to save the cheetah in the wild.

Individuals will register with JustGiving to fundraise under the Humans for Cheetahs Campaign.

Volunteer for the cheetahs - CCF United States

Support Humans for Cheetahs

If you don’t want to run or walk, you can fundraise from the comfort of home. See listings of upcoming events and Humans for Cheetahs on JustGiving.

Get your Team Shirt

Cheetah Conservation Fund asks that you wear our official team t-shirt if you are participating in a Humans for Cheetahs athletic event. These shirts are offered through our Cheetah Shop along with lots of other fun Cheetah Conservation Fund items.