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Save The Cheetah 5k: Run or Walk to Help Cheetahs Anywhere In The World

  • by Serena Raymond December 2, 2020
Save The Cheetah 5k: Run or Walk to Help Cheetahs Anywhere In The World

There are so many ways to run and help a cheetah!

After taking part in a virtual half marathon earlier in the year that raised funds for the CCF, the Indiana Chapter of the CCF didn’t want to slow down. We teamed up with Moon Joggers, a virtual run company, to keep the streak of running (and walking) for cheetahs alive.

And while we’re hosting a 5k worldwide (more details below), the Indianapolis Zoo has an exhibit of their own where all of the money goes toward the CCF. In the video below you’ll see CCF volunteers racing against a simulation of a cheetah’s speed. When you visit the Indianapolis Zoo, you can make a small donation and see how fast you compare to a cheetah!

All about the 5k

As part of our International Cheetah Day celebration, and to commemorate 30 years of the CCF, we’re hosting the virtual Save The Cheetah 5k. A potion of every registration goes to the CCF!

If you’ve already registered and run this race, we want to see your pictures! Share them on Instagram and tag @CCFUSA.

What makes this race special is that you can get involved no matter where you are in the world. When you register, you’ll get sent a medal and bib in the mail! The medal itself is the CCF’s unique 30 years of CCF logo.

You can sign up between now and December 31, and you also have until then to record your time and post it to the website.

Also available is limited edition 5k gear to commemorate this year’s race!

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