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Cheetah Extravaganza – Cheetah Camps

  • CCF United States - New York
  • by Paola Bari October 16, 2020
Cheetah Extravaganza – Cheetah Camps

This past summer, the CCF NY Chapter organized our first Summer Camp. Of course a virtual Summer Camp so every kid in the United States and in the world could join us. The camp sessions are about cheetahs, about conservation and a little bit getting to know each other and have some fun together. This past summer we had few sessions: we started with an Animal Movement session where all the kids were using movements based on animals that help develop a mind-body connection tapping into their strength, agility, and creativity.

The following session was more relaxing: we created and drew fantastic creatures that were a hybrid of plant and animal species. And then we read together the book Chewbaaka by Dr. Laurie Marker and we answered many questions about cheetahs and wildlife. The following two sessions were very exciting: we went to the Bronx Zoo !!!! And we met quite a few African animals, fennec fox, warthog, aardvark and of course an amazing beautiful cheetah. But most important, every kid had an opportunity to virtually meet the zoo keepers and ask them millions of questions. Last we had some fun: camera traps. We learned together what they are, why and how we need to use them and together we looked at some of the images and tried to guess who was in the picture… sometimes it was an easy guess, sometimes it was hard to see what animal was caught on camera. Lots of selfies!!!

So, we had fun and a lot of positive feedback… and we will do it again. We are in fact opening registrations for the Winter Camp. It will be shorter but still a lot of interesting activities to do together. And then there will be a Summer camp again!!!! We really hope to see all of you again.

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