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Brothers Join Forces to Sell Lemonade for the Cheetah

  • by CCF Staff November 8, 2019
Brothers Join Forces to Sell Lemonade for the Cheetah
Jude and Emmitt along with their parents meet Dr. Marker at the DC Gala.

Jude, age 7 and Emmitt age 6, have both been interested in animals and animal documentaries since they were very little. A few years ago Jude checked a cheetah book out of his local library and discovered a passion for the species. Since then, Jude has checked out every cheetah book at his elementary school library, his room has slowly morphed into a cheetah theme, and he shares one cheetah fact with his family at dinner every night. He wrote us a letter is November last year to ask about cheetah speed and introduce himself:

Dear Cheetah Friend,
Cheetahs are my favorite animal. Do you have a pet cheetah? Can cheetahs really run 70 mph? I have a stuffed animal cheetah. I hope I can go to Africa. Love Jude Stangler

Through his research, Jude realized that cheetahs could use a lot more help. He came up with the idea to help raise funds to support the cheetah and CCF by doing a lemonade stand. Jude and Emmitt made lemonade and a beautiful informational poster to help their guests learn more.

“Emmitt stood on the corner of our street holding the poster and directing customers (he was a very enthusiastic salesman). Jude manned the lemonade stand and explained to each customer the importance of raising money for the CCF.” said the boys’ father Michael.

Together the boys earned over $120, which Dr. Marker happily accepted at the Cheetah Conservation Fund Gala in DC (photo in banner – check out those cool bow ties and suspenders!).

We are so thankful to have the care and support of cheetah friends like Jude and Emmitt. At the event we learned that Emmitt favors zebras more than cheetahs, but fully supports his big brother’s love of the fastest land mammal.

Jude with his package of cheetah info from CCF.
Jude and Emmitt at their Lemonade Stand

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