CCF UK Patrons

Royal patron – HRH Princess Michael of Kent

Inspired by her long-time interest in cheetahs and an introduction by CCF UK Patrons Jonathan and Angela Scott, HRH Princess Michael of Kent travelled to CCF Namibia to learn about the species’ plight and find out ways to help.

“HRH Princess Michael of Kent and I share a common interest in the cheetah. She raised an orphan cub as a teenager in Mozambique, and has carried that experience forward in life”, said Dr Laurie Marker. “During her week at CCF, our staff presented information about our programmes to conserve the species, including livestock guarding dogs, genetics, habitat restoration, reintroductions, and our education initiatives”. She met Dr Marker at a CCF event in the UK in 2016 and expressed her desire to support cheetah conservation efforts.

Jonathan and Angie Scott

“As UK Patrons of CCF we are committed to supporting the tireless efforts of Dr Laurie Marker and her team of dedicated researchers and volunteers in their quest to ensure a future for this most endangered of Africa’s big cats.”

CCF UK Ambassadors

Sam Bird, British racing driver (NEOM McLaren Formula E Team)

British racing driver Sam Bird (NEOM McLaren Formula E Team) is an Ambassador for the Cheetah Conservation Fund in the UK and will focus on backing the Cheetah’s race for survival in 2024.

Sam will be joined by special friends as he runs around the world, pledging to raise £1 for every 1km he runs in training, at special events and locations throughout 2024, with the aim of raising as much funds and awareness as possible to help the cheetah win its race.

Sam said:

“I know that when my Formula E car leaps from 0-60 in 3 seconds that there is only one land mammal on earth that can match me. That animal is the Cheetah. Built for speed and agility this big cat makes me feel humble as what it does keeps it alive. But they are endangered and I want to change that. It made perfect sense for me to become an Ambassador for this extraordinary animal and to support the work of The Cheetah Conservation Fund.”

Dr Julian Norton, The Yorkshire Vet

Julian has been a vet in Yorkshire for over 25 years. Since 2015, he has starred in the award-winning Channel 5 series The Yorkshire Vet. Julian is a regular contributor to Springtime on the Farm, This Week on the Farm and The Jeremy Vine Show. He has written six books about his vet life and was awarded “Yorkshireman of the Year” by The Dalesman in 2017. He’s involved in charities that work with vet students, rare breeds and other animals. Julian’s wife is also a vet and they are both passionate about big cats. Julian is honoured to be CCF UK’s Ambassador with a particular interest in the livestock guarding dog programme.

Giles Clark, Conservationist and TV Presenter

Giles Clark has a passion for big cat conservation, which was ignited after volunteering as a teenager at a wildlife park. Giles was Head of Tigers and Conservation Manager at Australia Zoo and spent 18 months in India working in tiger conservation. His TV work includes programmes for BBC Natural History Unit, presenting the “About the House” series with a focus on tigers, cheetahs, jaguars and bears. Giles’ hope is that explaining the challenges these animals face will push conservation efforts. Giles’ interest in cheetah conservation took him to the Horn of Africa in 2019 to witness CCFs’ efforts to combat cheetah trade and human wildlife conflict.

Mo Ali, award-winning film director

Mo has worked with some of the most innovative artists and actors in Britain. His second feature, “Montana” (2014), was nominated for Best Independent Feature at the NFAs and both Best Picture and Best Director at the Screen National Awards. Mo is a board member of British Urban Film Festival, patron of the East Side Educational Trust and mentors over 20 young London based filmmakers. Mo is the CEO and founder of Wada Network, a platform created for talented East African creatives to learn, watch and create content.
Mo Ali is passionate about saving the cheetah, particularly in his homeland of Somaliland.