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Cheetahs once roamed in numbers of more than 100,000, across Africa and Asia. Today, fewer than 7,500 wild cheetahs remain, occupying 9% of their historic range. There are only 23 countries that cheetahs now call home, and just 31 – 36 known cheetah populations. Of these, 22 have less than 100 individuals. If we don’t act now, Africa’s most endangered big cat will be lost from the landscape forever – within our lifetime. 

Threats such as habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade are pushing cheetahs towards extinction. CCF UK’s doing all it can to support the global effort to Keep the Wild, Wild! Are you with us? 


The cheetah is at under constant threat and the population is in decline. Learn about all that CCF is doing to secure a future for the species.



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