Cheetah Chit Chat

Mar 5, 2022

10:30 am

  • Location: Online
  • Venue: Online

Keep the Wild, Wild

Guest speaker:  Giles Clark 
Conservationist, TV Presenter & CCF UK Ambassador
Saturday 5th March @ 10.30am BST

Join our virtual Cheetah Chit Chat event, where we’ll be talking all about how CCF is striving to #KeeptheWildWild, so we can secure a future for cheetahs and all who share their landscape.  

Once found across a range that stretched through Africa and Asia, cheetah habitat has shrunk by more than 90% in the last century. Remaining wild cheetah populations have been forced onto unprotected land, alongside farmers, meaning they are under constant threat of human-wildlife conflict and poaching. But there is hope… 

Join us on the 5th March to find out more about how CCF is tackling major threats to cheetahs, and to learn how you can get involved in our efforts to #KeepTheWildWild and #SaveTheCheetah. 

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There is no cost to attend Cheetah Chit Chat but we’d welcome suggested donations of £5 to support our ‘species-saving’ programmes.

Cheetah Chit Chat 2022

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