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June wildlife photographer of the month – Allegra Hutton

  • by Zila Oliveira 1 June 2024
June wildlife photographer of the month – Allegra Hutton

We are delighted to introduce Allegra Hutton as our Photographer of the Month for June. Allegra’s work in wildlife and conservation photography is both inspiring and impactful. Her deep love for animals and the environment shines through her photographs. Her journey into photography began at a young age and has evolved into a powerful medium for storytelling and advocacy.


A passion for animals and photography


Allegra’s fascination with animals started in childhood. She often brought home various creatures, much to her parents’ dismay. At age 12, she discovered photography and spent a transformative summer in a darkroom developing film. This sparked a lifelong passion. Despite pursuing a traditional career in education, the COVID-19 pandemic led her back to her creative roots. She merged her love for animals and photography into a rewarding career.

Exploring the world: From Charleston to the wild


Although Allegra is based in Charleston, South Carolina, she spends much of her time traveling. Her recent journeys have taken her to Africa multiple times, with plans to return in June and July. She has also explored wildlife-rich locations such as Kenya, Antarctica, and Tonga. Each destination captures a part of her heart. The diverse wildlife she encounters leaves a lasting impression.


Storytelling through photography


Allegra uses her photography to tell compelling stories that evoke emotions, raise awareness, and inspire action. She believes in the power of storytelling as a tool for change. Her work bridges the gap between the scientific community and the general public. Her background in science education enhances her ability to communicate complex environmental issues in an accessible and engaging way.

Memorable wildlife encounters


Among her most unforgettable experiences was swimming with a mother and calf humpback whale in Tonga. This encounter left her humbled and spellbound. In Africa, she felt the thrill of hearing a lion’s roar from her tent, watching a cheetah hunt, and being surrounded by a herd of elephants. These moments deeply move and inspire her work.


Upcoming projects and exhibitions


Allegra is excited about her role in a new docuseries titled In Her Nature. Developed by an all-women team, it focuses on women dedicated to conservation. As a woman in a predominantly male field, Allegra finds it crucial to amplify the voices of women in conservation. She is eager to share their incredible stories and contributions.

If you’re interested in exploring more of Allegra’s work, visit her Instagram @allegrahutton and her website. Additionally, her upcoming show Polar Perspectives at the Tupper Arts Center in upstate New York, opening on July 24th 2024, will showcase her latest work. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Allegra Hutton and her extraordinary journey as a wildlife photographer. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and breathtaking photographs in our Photographer of the Month series.

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