Everything you need to know about the #BigGiveChristmasChallenge

  • by Zila Oliveira 28 November 2023
Everything you need to know about the #BigGiveChristmasChallenge

In the heart of our Big Give Christmas Challenge, we’re thrilled to share how your contribution can make a colossal impact on Cheetah Conservation Fund work. For the next seven days, every donation transforms into a force multiplier, working twice as hard to safeguard the future of these magnificent creatures.

How matched funding work?

Our Pledge model empowers CCFUK supporters to double their impact. Generous match-pledgers from CCFUK and Big Give’s Champions join forces, making every donation a powerful catalyst for change. It’s simple: contribute any amount, and watch it double.

Cheetahs face a perilous journey, with an estimated 300 cubs taken annually from the Horn of Africa due to illegal wildlife trade (IWT) and conflicts with farmers. These cubs, transported to the Arabian Peninsula for the exotic pet trade, find hope through CCF’s partnership with the Somaliland government.  Because of that, several cheetahs arrive in need of urgent veterinary care. Thanks to our supporters, they get all the assistance they need. Currently, 92 cheetahs rescued from this trade need care for the rest of their lives, that’s why this challenge is so important for the cheetahs. 

To provide a forever home for these cats, CCF established the Cheetah Research and Conservation Centre (CRCC) on 800 hectares of land provided by the Somaliland government. The CRCC is staffed with dedicated professionals, including vets, cheetah keepers, and guards living on-site, committed to managing and caring for the rescued cheetahs.


Your Impact

Funds raised during this campaign directly contribute to the care of these 92 cheetahs at the CRCC. This includes vital provisions such as food, veterinary supplies, medicines, and staffing costs. Your support fosters a culture of appreciation for wildlife and aids CCF’s mission to reduce illegal wildlife trade in the region.

A Plea from Dr. Laurie Marker: Dr. Laurie Marker emphasizes the urgency of our mission, stating, “With the growing number of cubs taken each year… wild cheetah populations in the Horn of Africa are wiped out by illegal trade.” Your contribution is a lifeline for these cheetahs on the brink of extinction.

Cheetah receiving veterinary care at the Cheetah Conservation Fund centre

As the holiday season unfolds, we understand the hustle and bustle of gift shopping. Still, we urge you to consider making a donation—no matter the size. Your support, quite literally, doubles in impact for cheetahs in desperate need. Remember, the matched funding comes into effect when we reach our target of £7,000. A milestone of £7,000 raised from donors translates to an extraordinary £14,000 for CCF. We’re immensely grateful for your generosity and encourage everyone to contribute to this crucial cause.

Now is the time to stand together for cheetah conservation. Your doubled donation not only protects Africa’s most endangered big cat but also paves the way for a future where these incredible animals can thrive in safety. Join us in this vital mission – together, we can make a difference. Donate now, click here.

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