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Two new cheetah cubs rescued in Somaliland

  • by CCF Staff 23 October 2023
Two new cheetah cubs rescued in Somaliland
Two rescued cheetah cubs in Africa

In the vast expanse of Somaliland, these two cubs are the latest confiscated cheetahs and are victims of the illegal wildlife/pet trade. Meet the latest additions to CCF: two confiscated cheetah cubs, survivors of a brutal ordeal that has left them scarred but resilient.

These cubs, one male and one female, weighing just over a kilogram each, have embarked on a journey defined by the unimaginable. Snatched from their mother at a tender age, they were thrust into a world of abuse, fear, weakness, and deprivation of a life in the wild. It’s a heartbreaking reality that countless cheetah cubs in the Horn of Africa face, being taken from their natural habitat to meet the insatiable demands of the illegal wildlife trade.

The Racing for Survival 

The illegal wildlife trade in cheetahs is a grim tale driven by the relentless demand for exotic pets. Most of this trade happens in the shadows, occurring between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, where cheetahs are kept illicitly as pets.

Cheetahs are notoriously challenging to breed in captivity, making the illegal capture of wild cubs the primary source to meet the demand for exotic pets. The Horn of Africa is home to a dwindling population of adult and adolescent cheetahs, numbering less than 500. The ruthless removal of up to 300 cubs each year casts a dark shadow on the future of this magnificent species, with the looming threat of local extinction.



Cheetah Conservation Fund UK’s Mission

Amidst the darkness, there is a beacon of hope – the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. Our dedicated team at the Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre in Somaliland tirelessly works to provide care, rehabilitation, and a second chance at life to the now 94 cheetahs, one leopard, and one caracal under our care. Moreover, we are resolute in our mission to raise awareness about the heinous illegal wildlife trade that plagues these remarkable creatures.

How can you help CCFUK?

You can play an integral role in our mission to protect and preserve the cheetah in the wild. Your support can help provide food, veterinary care, and more for these cubs and their fellow cheetahs in need. By making a donation to Cheetah Conservation Fund UK, you can be a part of the solution, working towards a brighter, safer future for these endangered creatures. Join us in our fight to ensure that the cheetah’s legacy continues to grace our world.

Together, we can be the change these cubs and their species so desperately need. Make a difference – donate now.

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