2022 Visual Report

  • by  4 August 2023
2022 Visual Report

Please enjoy reading our visual annual report for 2022, which contains all of the amazing things your support helped us do over the course of last year.

Our personal highlights:

  • 42 puppies born at CCF’s Model Farm were placed on farms.

  • In Namibia, CCF’s education team visited 59 schools, one cultural centre, and one community project centre, reaching a total of 10,382 students and 279 teachers.
  • CCF visited 17 villages identified as human-wildlife conflict areas. In the last quarter of 2022, 225 farmers and community members participated in the Future Farmers of Africa (FFA) programme.

  • In Erindi, released cheetah, Hela, gave birth to four cubs.

  • CCF’s Dancing Goat Creamery experienced a 25% profit increase.

  • Our scat team covered a total of 280 miles of transects in Namibia and collected 250 scat samples.

  • In Erindi, released cheetah, Hela, gave birth to four cubs.

  • In Gobabis, a cheetah family group (female Calypso and her two cubs) and a single male were caught on two farms due to human-wildlife conflict. They were collared and re-released.
  • Photographs captured on our camera traps were used to prove that cheetahs visit play trees at different times of day to leopards, and will visit trees that leopards frequent less often.
  • At our CRCC in Somaliland, we completed essential buildings: a manager’s house, four staff houses, a staff kitchen, a Vet Clinic. cub nursery, meat room and barn, as well as a solar power system.

Check out the full report below to read about lots more of our 2022 achievements. Thank you so much – we couldn’t do it without you!

You can help us achieve even more in 2023 by making a gift today. Whether you donate once, monthly, or sponsor one of our resident cheetahs or livestock guarding dogs, you’ll be making a real difference to the future of wild cheetahs. Head to our donate page to learn more.

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