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October wildlife photographer of the month – Nili Gudhka

  • by  13 October 2022
October wildlife photographer of the month – Nili Gudhka

We were thrilled to be able to share the photography of Nili Gudhka on our social media this month. Although we only shared her cheetah photos, of course, her photography focuses on the beautiful creatures found in Africa. You can find her photography on her Instagram, or you can sign up to receive a notification when her new website is launched soon! As with all of our photography takeovers, we’ve created an online gallery below which contains all of the photographs, as well as information about them, and a little more about Nili too. We hope you enjoy!

Nili Gudhka was born in a small town called Kitale in Kenya. She grew up looking at the stunning Mt. Elgon which made her fall in love with nature from a very early age. She then moved to Perth, Australia to complete her Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Nili moved back to Kenya in 2013 and whilst working in the corporate world, her interest in wildlife and photography was only just a hobby. Later in 2016, she started making regular safari trips with a basic Nikon DSLR camera and that’s where her passion for photography grew stronger. After slowly investing in better equipment she finally decided to leave the corporate world and become a full time wildlife photographer and safari planner. Not only does she love photographing wild animals, but conservation and learning animal behaviour is also extremely important to her.

A very famous female cheetah of the Maasai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park had a litter of 7 cubs. These are 6 out 7 cubs enjoying the first rays of sunshine one early morning.

A lone male cheetah sitting on a dead tree and scanning the environment for a potential meal in Buffalo Springs National Reserve.

4 out of 5 Tano Bora boys scanning the plains for a meal.

5 cheetah boys A.K.A Tano bora just laying their eyes on an impala that was grazing in a bush nearby.

Chase of life. There’s always one winner and one loser.

A male cheetah standing on a termite mound at first light.

A cheetah mother grooming her 4-weeks-old cub.

A cheetah cub, sitting on a dead tree enjoying the first rays on sunlight.

A huge thank you to Nili for sharing these stunning images with us!


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