An exciting new partnership for CCF UK with haircare brand Fable and Mane

  • by  26 November 2021
An exciting new partnership for CCF UK with haircare brand Fable and Mane

We sat down with Nikita and Akash, founders of Fable and Mane – our newest partners, ahead of International Cheetah Day to chat to them about the partnership and how they’re using their haircare brand to support causes they are passionate about.

Tell us about the ethos and values behind Fable and Mane

Fable & Mane is a modern hair wellness brand of conscious and potent plant-based products, inspired by Indian beauty secrets.
 During a time of stress, Niki recalled when our grandmother massaged her head with a handcrafted blend of plant oils – restoring balance in the body and encouraging healthy and strong hair growth. We wanted to share the power of this tradition and bring Indian wisdom to Western beauty for a haircare experience unlike any other!
 By awakening our roots we grow stronger together.

Tell us about the mission of the Fable Fund

We both believe in Ahimsa, the principle of non-violence towards all sentient beings that deserve to live on our planet, so in 2019 we set out to create the Fable Fund Trust to raise awareness and support local conservation initiatives to reduce human wildlife conflict and restore the habitat of wild tigers.

How important is giving back to environmental causes?

Giving back to environmental causes is extremely important. The future of our planet depends on the health of the environment and all businesses have a responsibility to contribute. Cheetahs are the world’s most endangered and vulnerable big cat with only 7,100 left in the wild. They face persecution by farmers, hunting for sport, capture for the exotic pet trade and even traffic accidents as humans encroach further into their territories. We are committed to protecting this species, leaving the world more beautiful, wild and free.

What inspired you to support Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)?

We both have a personal affinity with cheetahs as our spirit animal and feel enchanted by their beauty. The continued work that CCF does to protect cheetahs and their ecosystem is undeniably critical in conserving the species, as well as protecting the surrounding communities. As a result, we want to contribute to this and do as much as possible to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Tell us about your support of CCF and the difference you hope it will make 

To support with rewilding cheetahs, we are donating funds for Satellite Radio Collars which allow researchers to monitor and evaluate movements and health. We hope that this will contribute to the survival of cheetahs once they are released back into the wild.

 We are committed to a long-term partnership with CCF, focusing on raising awareness, facilitating education and further donations.

What’s coming up with Fable and Mane / Fable Fund that CCF supporters can get involved in?

We are due to film a short documentary in India at the beginning of 2022 about big cats so make sure you are following us on Instagram for behind the scenes and to be one of the first to find out the documentary release date!

A huge thank you to Nikita and Akash for chatting with us and for supporting CCF UK!

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