Become a collaborator in conservation by supporting innovative and proven conservation, research, and education programs to save the cheetah in the wild.  This benefits the entire ecosystem upon which the cheetah depends. This holistic approach addresses the needs of wildlife populations and the human communities that share the landscape.

Cheetah Conservation Fund collaborates with corporations, educational institutions and foundations to identify projects or initiatives that are mutually beneficial.

For corporations, we look to identify programs that best align themselves to the causes you, your customers, and your team members care about.  Since CCF operates as a holistic conservation organization, programs developed can benefit people, wildlife and the environment.  Corporate sponsorship of events or infrastructure funding can also be considered.

For educational institution in Canada, we can facilitate students’ internship opportunities at CCF in Namibia around many disciplines e.g. education, ecology, science, engineering, tourism, etc.  For multi-year internship programs, we can entertain a mutual beneficial project that aligns with CCF’s Research and Development plans.

For foundations, we can identify vital projects around animal care/rehabilitation, conservation research, capital investment and the development of local people to better their livelihood.

We would be happy to work with you to identify projects or initiatives that align with your philanthropic or development goals.  Each collaboration is unique. If you are interested in becoming a collaborator on our journey to address the need of wildlife populations and the human communities that share the landscape, or by providing internship experience for the future generation, please contact us at

Examples of Collaborative Projects


CCF Ecology and Human-Wildlife Conflict Projects - Balancing Livestock and Wildlife for a Sustainable Ecological and Economic Future

We are very appreciative of B2Gold for their continued long-term support of CCF’s research into the ecology, distribution, and limiting factors to cheetah populations in a variety of habitats of Namibia. With B2Gold’s dedicated support, we are learning about populations of cheetahs in remote areas of the country, and are able to tailor educational programs for human-wildlife coexistence in previously neglected regions.

B2Gold Supports Human-Wildlife Conflict Measures

Field Experience for Canadian Students

Vanier College students from Environmental and Wildlife Management as well as  Animal Health Technology are benefitting from internships at CCF Namibia.  Alena Perout, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Business, and Social Sciences and International Education, indicates that “These opportunities unlock students’ endless potential through life-changing global skills and experiences.”

Already ten students have benefitted from these internships in 2023, and eight more will go in 2024.

Canadian Students’ Internship at CCF Namibia

Investment in Infrastructure Supporting Students

The Canadian-based Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation provided a generous grant to enhance the Lightfoot Camp at CCF Namibia by helping expand accommodation capacity to host more students.

The camp hosts high school students for weekend environmental and conservation education.  All participants are exposed to CCF’s research and conservation efforts, making the link with the Namibian farmland ecosystem.

New and Improved Camp Lightfoot @ CCF